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An Introduction to The House of Mewar by Mr. Bob Rupani

The State of Mewar was founded in 568 AD, and the origins of the Mewar Dynasty trace back from the Sun God (Surya). The institution of the ‘Maharana’ came into existence in the 6th century and in the 8th century, Harit Rishi the Guru (Spiritual Leader) of one of the founder fathers of the House of Mewar, Bapa Rawal, laid down cardinal rules for the governance of the state. The Guru was an extremely wise man, and his vision was that of a state governed by a custodian answerable to God's laws.

Thus was born the concept of "kingship" as "trusteeship". Which means the ruler will administrate the State of Mewar as a 'Diwan' (prime minister) and not as a 'King'. Thanks to this succeeding heads of the family of Mewar have always fulfilled the sacred position as trustee of Shree Eklingnath ji, a manifestation of Lord Shiva who is regarded as the Eternal Ruler of Mewar.

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Family Tree of Custodians of The House of Mewar from 566 CE to the present 76th Custodian
Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar
r. 1984 CE

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Maharana Fateh Singh
r. 1884-1930 CE receiving his son
Maharaj Kumar Bhupal Singh.

Date of Painting : 1905 CE

Maharana Bhupal Singh
r. 1930-1955 CE holding court under a tent, with his son
Maharaj Kumar Bhagwat Singh seated near him.

Date of Photograph: 1935-1940 CE

Accession No. 2008.07.0175

Image Courtesy: Pictorial Archives of the Maharanas of Mewar, © MMCF, Udaipur.

Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar with his son Maharaj Kumar
Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar at the Holika Dahan Ceremony at The Manek Chowk, The City Palace, Udaipur on 3rd March 2007.